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Easter Holiday at the Mara Sarova.

Leave Nairobi between 07:00 hrs – 08:00 hrs and drive south along the floor of the Great Rift Valley. Showing up Mara toward the evening for Lunch and afterwards evening game drive at 4 p.m. Return for supper and dinner at the Mara Sarova.

12-Day Camping in Kenya Game Reserves

With an almost 2-weeks long schedule, enjoy each day in one of Kenya’s best game reserves. An overwhelming experience to see top sceneries in Kenya, and endowed game wildlife, and birdlife. Even more the eco-system in Kenyan Lakes.

5-Day Trip to Dubai

Just 5 hours from Nairobi, Dubai has a bounty of things to see and do on your excursion. For the honeymooners, there is a full extent of water-sports, indoor snow-skiing, and invigorating desert encounters. Others may jump at the chance to visit a brilliant regal habitation or loosen up on the coastline.

6-Day Diani Beach Honeymoon Package

Are you looking for a romantic getaway with your newly-wed? Diani offers a wide range of beach resorts that will enhance your stay in the warm, and calm Mombasa day trip. At Dil Adventure we have sampled one of the best honeymoon packages to solemn stay during honeymoon.